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★Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - Review ( EN )

      Over the past 3 months I've read many positive reviews on Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser , so I've recently decided taking it for a test and thanks to the kindness of Liz Earle's PR Team I now  have the opportunity to present my experience with using this product.

About "Liz Earle"

      Liz Earle is a skincare beauty specialist and author who, back in 1995 with her friend Kim Buckland, set up her line of skincare products. They both decided to develop a product range that really worked on all skin types and no matter the age, simple to use, pampering and yet affordable and based on the best possible naturally active ingredients, which inspired the name Naturally Active Skincare.What is more, they've also established a series of  principles that include a genuine commitment to quality and service for their customers.

      Their passion and commitement to carefully select the best natural ingredients have made them what they are today :

About Liz Earle's mullti-award winning Cleanse&Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

      I strongly believe that they have really taking into consideration their responsability to create products that include the best naturally active ingredients and that suit all skin types no matter the age, as they have managed to create " that one simple product " that can offer such great results  " whatever your age and stage in life ". And the product I'm referring to is obviously the Cleanse&Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.
There are 15 reasons to love this product and you can view them by clicking this LINK.

Ingredients :

What I received via mail 
      The product was safely delivered to me in a very short time ( about 7 days ) and in a very nice wrapping. The package contained a wide variety of leaflets, a letter, two pure muslin cloths and the Cleanser itself.

 Note: As you can see I have also included the pure cloth muslin that I've used and the other one that I haven't used yet.

How to use the Cleanser
      The product has a two-phase action and phase one is the cleansing. After pumping a sufficient amount of cleanser you must gently massage it onto dry skin iver your eyes, face and neck in order to remove all traces of face and eye make-up, even stubborn mascara.  
      Phase two is the polishing. You must first rinse the pure muslin cloth in hand-hot water and then use it to gently remove dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin. Finish by splashing your face with cool water.

My personal experience with this product

      The first time I used this product I was absolutely amazed by how quickly and effectively the mascara and eyeliner were removed and by the fact that it left my skin clean, soft and radiant.
       I must also admit that I love the professional, practical and yet simple shape of the 100ml bottle togheter with the pump that offers the possibility to easily dispense the amount of cleanser needed.
       Regarding the consistency I must say it is fairly thick but as soon as it makes contact with my skin it begins to thin and it almost instantly soaks into my pores leaving a very thin covering on the surface. It is extremely easy to spread and, as it is so wonderfully pampering,  I massage the cream into my skin for a good few minutes.
       It is claimed that the cloth will dislodge skin cells and assist in revealing smooth, clean, soft and radiant skin and I couldn’t agree more. I have a very demanding skin and was quite astonished to witness that the cleanser offered a  healthy glow and my skin felt just wonderful and beautiful.
     Regarding the negative aspects I must confesse I only have a slight disappointement concerning the bit harsh texture of the musline cloth as I have a very dry and sensitive skin.But this is only my opinion as I have read many other positve reactions regarding this issue.
      To sum up, I sincerely admit this is my favourite cleansing product of all time and I strongly recommend it to everyone regardless of the skin type and no matter your age. I also recommend  the entire range of products developed by Liz Earle as I am more than confident of their high quality and natural active ingredients .

Thank you Liz Earle for offering me the chance to test this wonderful and multi-award winning product ! 
For more information concerning the company and its products acces this LINK
You can also check their Facbook Page HERE !

I hope you found this review useful and I thank you for reading it !

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